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Scribing Tools

Model: E/SB/10 EAN: 5027654560655
Pack of ten spare graphite leads to fit Easyscribe.2H grade.Narrow 0.7mm width to ensure accuracy...
Ex Tax:£3.47
Model: E/SCRIBE EAN: 5027654560648
Handheld scribing tool for architrave, skirting, scribing doors, scribing worktops, setting hinge recess depth etc.Articulated arm allows the required offset to be set precisely from 1mm to 40mm giving full flexibility.Use for a multitude of application..
Ex Tax:£18.61
Model: M/PB01 EAN: 5027654533215
The world's fastest professional worktop scriber tool. It completes traditional scribing chores with precision, speed and ease.Quick and easy to use by remaining stable whilst scribing directly onto work-surfaces, flooring, shelves etc.It works by run..
Ex Tax:£19.80
Model: MS/PRO EAN: 5027654543979
The Multiscribe is a profile matching tool used to transfer contours from one shape to another and mark on to various materials. 15 functions including parallel scribe, convex scribe, contour profile scribing and line block. Multi-function tool for a..
Ex Tax:£26.80
Model: WP-E/SB01 EAN: 5027654058770
Spare graphite clamp assembly for the Easyscribe tool...
Ex Tax:£1.90
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