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Trend Snappy Chucks

Model: SNAP/DRV/SET EAN: 5027654519837
A Trend Snappy chuck hand driver and 31 piece screwdriver bit set. Hand-driver allows certain Trend Snappy shank direct drive tools to be used in applications where access is awkward or where a cordless can not be used. The 31 piece set covers all dif..
Ex Tax:£15.78
Model: SNAP/HAND/1 EAN: 5027654518069
This quick chuck with a sturdy handle, allows the use of all Trend Snappy shank direct drive tools. Supplied with a magnetic screwdriver holder and No.2 Pozi bit...
Ex Tax:£4.30
Model: SNAP/HKLC/6 EAN: 5027654043844
Keyless chuck that can be used in quick chucks and impact drivers to hold parallel shank drills bits up to 1/4 inch. Clamping capacity 0.8mm (1/32 inch) to 6mm (1/4 inch). Enhanced gripping power when compared to traditional key type drill chucks. Ligh..
Ex Tax:£12.95
Model: SNAP/QC EAN: 5027654512456
This is fitted into a standard 3/8 inch key or keyless chuck. Trend Snappy attachments or any direct drive 1/4 inch hex bits can then 'snap' in effortlessly.Six flats on the shank ensure precise location in the chuck.A spring loaded outer sleeve makes..
Ex Tax:£9.73
Model: SNAP/QCM EAN: 5027654516676
Magnetic chuck accepts Trend Snappy shank fitting tools and insert style screwdriver bits.Magnet will hold wood screws when used with insert bits.Accepts 50mm screwdriver bits and 25mm screwdriver bits.Small diameter...
Ex Tax:£12.63
Model: SNAP/QCSDS EAN: 5027654515969
For SDS plus drills. Hammer action must be switched off when used...
Ex Tax:£13.59
Model: SNAP/QCYL EAN: 5027654529508
For 5/16 inch No. 131A Yankee Spiral ratchet screwdrivers (Large). The Quick Chuck replaces a standard bit and then enables Trend Snappy tools to be used...
Ex Tax:£13.59
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